Bone Grafts

A bone graft is a surgical procedure to repair or rebuild bones through the transplanation of bone tissue. By transplanting healthy bone tissue we can create bone and supporting tissues.  The bone can be obtained from a tissue bank or harvested from your own jaw, hip or leg bones.

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It was a very good experience with kind and compassionate nurses.

Frances M.

I will always recommend Dr. Coffey and his staff. They are all so sincere, kind and gentle.

Jill M.

My son had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled and everything went very well. It couldn't have gone any better.

Stacy Z.

The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and really care about you.

Wynter O.

Had an implant done by Dr Engel. Amazing.

Jason H.

Very caring staff overall, even when dealing with nervous Nellie's like me. Thanks for taking such great care of me.

Nicole H.
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